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Welcome to NVCL

Northern Virginia's premier group of model airplane folks

One of John Saunders' Chevelles

John Lindberg & Dick Houser

Musciano Event of 1997

Balloon Burst at Meadowood

Ben, Kirk, and Pat Wicker

Clayton Berry's Conspirator/ST46

Norfolk, VA - 1997 (very windy)

Chris Jackson's Spitfire

Ron King's Twister

Ron King

Tom McLain's Price Crusader

Dick Houser, Sterling Hart

Cashburn SE5

Restoration by Henry Werner

Dusty & Tim Jackson

Jack Jackson's Combat Kitten

Jack Jacksons's Focke Wulf

John Donnely & Carl Foster

Marty Schindler & a Banshee

Meadowood site prep

NovaClone 1996

NovaClone 1996

John Murphy

Kids that fly get certificates

Cavalier by John Lindberg

Scott Richlen & Cub Scout

Scott Richlen & Walt Musciano

Udvar Hazy


Dulles Airport

Bill Smith

Hal Howard

Henry Werner

Lee Berry

Marty Schindler

Ron King

Ron McNally

Scott Richlen